Who We Are


Radon Testing Missouri is family owned business with Mike Garrison as the principle owner and his sister Roxanne Garrison as the managing partner. Mike runs Chesterfield Radon Testing located in Saint Louis Missouri. While, Roxanne is operating Springfield Radon Testing, in the Springfield Missouri location.

The Garrisons are life long Saint Louisons and recently learned about the harmful effects of radon when high levels were discovered in their brother’s home. They learned what unknowingly living in a radon enriched environment can do to the occupants, especially small children. It made them wonder what they could do to help prevent it. Doing research and talking to radon associations, the common thread is people need to test and see how clean their air really is. Exposure to radon over extended period of time has been proven to cause lung cancer. Per the American Lung Association, this is scarily the number two cause of lung cancer, right behind smoking, and leads to 22,000 deaths per year. The home is the #1 location for this type of cancer causing radon.

Learning about his brother’s home, Mike grew increasingly concerned about the air his four grandchildren were breathing. Sharing his concern with his sister Roxanne, she agreed they needed to spread the word about testing your air, and expanded Chesterfield Radon Testing into Springfield Missouri.

We want to put Lung Cancer out of business and that starts with a radon test. How clean is your air? Test.

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